Evangelism Committee

The Evangelism Committee meets on the second Monday of every month at 7:00pm

The purpose of the Evangelism Committee is to assist the Pastoral Staff to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, and bring them to a saving faith in Him. As laypeople, the Committee will help bring new Christians into a vital personal relationship with Christ, and help church members share their faith in Christ with others.

Toward that end, the Union UMC Evangelism Committee will:

  1. Provide a regular outreach to neighboring residential areas through visits, canvasses, and passing out of literature.
  2. Follow up persons who have visited in our services, by showing a friendly attitude, making them feel welcome and answering any questions.
  3. Organize special events to keep Evangelism at the forefront so that our members will be used as disciples for the work of God and Jesus Christ (For example Days of Renewal, prayer walks, etc.)
  4. Utilize multi-media advertising and other publicity to inform the community of our church”s mission, services, facilities, and special programs.
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