Committee on Lay Leadership

The Committee on Lay Leadership has the task of selecting and contacting members of the congregation to fill positions in our committees and elected positions of authority within the church. The responsibility of the members of the Committee of Lay Leadership is to get to know the members of the congregation and match up their skills, gifts, knowledge, and level of commitment with positions that need to be filled.

How It Works:

This committee meets 2-3 times each year, normally in the fall to prepare the list of nominations for the other leadership committees of the church.

Any persons selected to chair a leadership committee of the church (Trustees, Nurture, Outreach, etc) are contacted personally by a member of the Committee of Lay Leadership. This personal invitation is to ensure the chair positions of the committees are filled with willing leaders early in the process.

All other persons selected to be a member of a leadership committee are contacted by mail. These persons may accept or decline the nomination.


The Committee on Lay Leadership members are elected at the annual church conference. Three persons are “nominated” each year to serve on the this committee. The members serve three year terms. So at any one time, there are nine elected members on the Lay Leadership Committee.

Additionally, pastor is the chairperson of the Lay Leadership Committee. The Lay Leader of the congregation is also a member of the committee.

All members of this committee must be full members of Union UMC.

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