Administrative Council


The Administrative Council has the general oversight of the administration and program of our local church. Its primary work is one of leadership rather than management. Leadership being the visionary, “big picture” work within the church, whereas management is the “detail work” that occurs on a daily basis by the staff and other volunteers. The Administrative Council works with the other committees of the church, providing guidance and direction.

The Administrative Council evaluates objectives, adopts goals, authorizes action, determines policy, evaluates and approves staffing positions, and establishes budget based on recommendations of the other committees, such as the Finance Committee, Nurture Committee, etc.

The Administrative Council is the most powerful, ongoing committee of the church. If you are asked to serve on the Administrative Council, you will have the opportunity to influence the direction taken by the Union UMC Congregation.


Some members of the Administrative Council are chosen by the Lay Leadership Committee. These are considered to be the “Members at Large” of the Administrative Council. The Members at Large serve three year terms. Each year from 10 to 20 Members at Large are chosen from the Union UMC congregation. Other persons are members of the Administrative Council due to the fact that they chair a committee or hold an elected position of authority within the church.


The Administrative Council meets on the 4th Monday, in odd numbered months (except July). Meeting times are printed in the bulletin. Reminders via email are sent to committee members prior to each meeting.

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