Counseling Services


Horizon Hope Counseling

Pastor Steve Heitkamp, D.Min.
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Illinois)
Phone: 618-367-2194
Location: 785 Wall Street, Suite 200, O’Fallon, IL 62269

Services Available:
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy with Adults, Children and Families. Pastor Heitkamp specializes in high quality psychotherapy with focus on family of origin history and improving self /other perceptions and or interactions.
  • Working with Children Under Age 13 experiences difficulties with socialization:
    • Asimilating with other kids/adults, conflict management,
    • Self and other perceptions which guide behavior
    • Ways of interpreting social dynamics and ownership for one’s own actions and participation with others
    • Grief/Loss, Divorce, or Anxiety
  • Lead Family of Origin Groups for Clergy/Leaders who wish to seek insight and interface of family of origin themes and their pastoral ministry.
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