How We Help

Local Programs

In addition to addressing the spiritual needs of the local community, Union has undertaken a number of programs for the cultural, social, and physical well-being of its neighbors.

  • Parishioners established a fine arts program to bring musical programs to the area.
  • The church hosts a variety of community groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Gambler’s Anonymous, and numerous community groups needing a place to meet.
  • Since Union’s inception, the church has sponsored a Boy Scout troop.
  • The congregation offers financial and volunteer support to the Franklin-Jefferson Neighborhood Community Association and Beacon.
  • It has established a number of assistance programs for the needy in the area, including a Food Pantry.
  • It operates the only church-sponsored Sack Lunch Program and gas voucher program in the area.
  • We also have a Meditation Garden which provides a place of beauty and quietness for prayer, relaxation and meditation.

Other Places

The service to others extends beyond city boundaries. Since 1993, for example, church youth have traveled annually on mission trips to destitute communities to rehabilitate houses and perform other community projects, mitigating dire circumstances and lifting spirits. By 2009, youth had made mission trips to 14 states and Puerto Rico.

Though located downtown and serving that community, the vision of the church is broader.

In 1951, one of its first mission projects was the “boys at Scott” Air Force Base. The church sponsored devotional and recreational opportunities for airmen at the church and other locations. Union has sponsored missionaries around the world.

In 2007, it entered into an arrangement with the small United Methodist Church in New Athens, Illinois, that made the resources of the Belleville church available to a congregation in a small town. The same year Union began satellite church services in Freeburg to reestablish a United Methodist presence in that area of St. Clair County.

In 2008, Union funded part of the construction of New Hope United Methodist Church in Monrovia, Liberia, as well as purchase of land for future expansion.