Ruth Circle

Ruth Circle meets every Thursday to quilt. From 9:00am – 2:00pm.

Who was Ruth?
Ruth left her own land of Moab and went with her mother-in-law Naomi to Bethlehem. She supported both of them with her gleanings from barley in the field of Boaz, whom she later married. Their son Obed is the grandfather of King David. Her love and devotion to Naomi is among the most touching stories in the Bible. Ruth was loved by all and her abiding love shed its rays, like sunlight, on all whom it touched.

Bring a lunch and join in!

The following are some answers to everything you ever wanted to know about the Ruth ‘Quilting’ Circle.

What do we do with the quilts?
We put the person’s name on our list who wishes to have an item quilted. The person provides us with the quilt top, batting and backing. We baste the three together on our frame then stitch the layers together.

Do you charge for the quilting?
We charge by the square inch. We have three different categories of prices depending on the amount of quilting involved.

Does your circle ever do quilt raffles?
No. But some of our members donate quilts they have made to the UMW Bazaar or the Youth ”Touch of Class” Auction.

You don’t have to join Ruth Circle to participate, correct?
Anyone can come to quilt. We hope after a time to entice you to join UMW.

Do you hold business meetings during your quilting time?
Usually during the lunch time we will hold a brief business once a month.
We try to read a small devotional after lunch each week.

Do you ever meet any other times?
No. We try to schedule everything on a Thursday.

Do you have other get-togethers? Christmas parties, etc?
We used to have more parties but everyone is too busy now. We have gone on “field trips”, such as to a quilt show or shopping at a special store.

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