Sr High Youth Group

A little about us…

The youth at Union spend time in fellowship, worship, teaching, discussion, and times of fun activities. The set-up for youth may look different from time to time with occasional mystery destinations, game nights, food nights, etc.. The focus for the youth group is building relationships and connecting on a spiritual level that will allow us to be open to God’s will and the Holy Spirit to move in our lives.

All students will be given an opportunity to learn how to take their faith as their own. We work to help students develop their theology and skills for preaching the gospel to our world.

Make sure to keep an eye out on the schedule to stay up to date! We usually meet on Sundays from 6:30 to 8 pm with other special times or events throughout the seasons. In the case of special events, look to the website and church bulletin for special times, days, and places.

Note from the Youth Pastor:
My heart and passion for ministry is based on building meaningful relationships. It’s a major key in doing missions as well as doing any sort of ministry. We build relationships with God and each other. Reaching students on a personal level helps people tap into the personal relationship with God that can provide peace, wisdom, strength, and perseverance.

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