Next Steps

Next Steps

Have you visited Union UMC and decided to join our congregation?

Membership is open to all people who believe in Jesus Christ and will uphold this church with their prayers, presence, gifts and service.If you would like to become a member of Union UMC, simply contact the pastor to discuss.Membership information classes are offered quarterly; contact the church office to find out when the next session starts.

Joining Union — Four different ways to become a member:

1. Christian Baptism and Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ. If you have never been baptized and have never been a member of another church, then baptism is the first step. Baptism is a sacrament in which we receive God”s divine grace.You can be baptized on the same day that you join the church.

2. Profession of Faith in Jesus Christ. If you have been baptized but never joined a church, then you can join Union UMC by first professing a faith in Jesus Christ. This will be your first public commitment of belief in Jesus Christ.

3. Transfer from Another Denomination. If you are currently a member of another church denomination (ex: Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopalian, Baptist, etc), then you can simply transfer your church membership to Union UMC. We will contact your previous church to transfer your membership after you join.

4. Transfer from Another United Methodist Church. Whether you belong to a church in Illinois, another part of the country or even an international church, we contact your previous church and have them transfer your membership to us.


All new members and current members are asked to pledge the following:

Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and pledge allegiance to His Kingdom?–I DO.

Do you receive and profess the Christian faith as contained in the Bible?–I DO.

Do you promise according to the grace given to you to live a Christian life and always remain a faithful member of Christ”s holy Church?–I DO.

Will you support the mission and ministry of the United Methodist Church and uphold it by your Prayers, your Presence, your Gifts, and your Service?–I WILL.

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